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Ace Warprider
Ace Warprider New
Theme Minifigures
World Nexus Tower
Quote "Did Achilles send you with my jetpack? I gotta fly, man!"
Weapon/Tool Electro-Zapp blaster

Ace Warprider is the Modules Vendor of Nexus Tower.

Ace Warprider's booth is located in the Venture League Map Room. There, he sells the Nose Cones, Cockpits, and Engines of the Nexus Dropship Rocket, Nexus Tower Rocket, Venture Koi Rocket, and Musclenaut GT Rocket.

At one point, Achilles Plutarch lent Ace Warprider Meyer Muckrake's Thinking Hat in exchange for the astronaut's jetpack. While the Spartan used the jetpack to get a high score in the Nexus Tower Combat Challenge, Ace lent the Imagination Hat to Gwen Tweenbangle in exchange for her smoke machine. He used the smoke machine with the Venture League Map Room's hologram of Planet Crux, creating an impressive light show.

When players are sent by Achilles Plutarch to return Ace Warprider's jetpack, the astronaut tells players about the smoke machine that he borrowed from Gwen Tweenbangle. He proceeds to give the smoke machine to players and asks that they return it to the pop star. It is suggested that Ace Warprider uses his jetpack to clean Hael Storm's telescope lens.


Before LEGO Universe

Ace Warprider originated as the Spaceman from Series 1 Minifigures.

According to the LEGO Minifigures website, Ace Warprider is from the future and, after an accident involving a runaway comet and a black hole, traveled back in time to the present day. He is apparently not aware of this and is under the mistaken belief that he is on an alien planet. Despite all his gear and his knowledge of useful alien phrases, Ace is not particularly skilled; he is not particularly strong or creative, and is very lacking in speed. Ace Warprider is also one of two playable characters in the Target Zapper online game and is one of the possible results for the "Which Sci-Fi Minifigure are you?" quiz, which describes the Spaceman as a friendly and prepared space explorer. In a short animation, Ace Warprider is seen in the audience watching the Nurse and Zombie dance.

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