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Achilles Plutarch
Achilles Plutarch Render
Theme Minifigures
World Nexus Tower
Quote "Do you have my shield? I've felt so vulnerable without it!"
Weapon/Tool Spear

Achilles Plutarch is the Gear Vendor of Nexus Tower.

Achilles Plutarch's booth is located in the Sentinel War Room, near the Sentinel Combat Challenge. There, he sells numerous items, including several two-handed weapons. However, his items come with very high price tags.

At one point, Achilles Plutarch borrowed Meyer Muckrake's Thinking Hat from Olivia Nightshade, lending his shield to the witch. He then lent the Thinking Hat to Ace Warprider in exchange for the spaceman's jetpack. Achilles was able to use the jetpack to get a new high score at the Sentinel Combat Challenge. However, in doing so, he drained the jetpack of fuel.

Players are eventually sent by Olivia Nightshade to return the shield to Achilles Plutarch. The Spartan explains to players that he no longer has the Thinking Hat they seek. However, he hands over Ace Warprider's jetpack, requesting that players return it to the astronaut.


Items for sale at this location

Item Price Level Stat Gain Picture
Heavy Staff Coin 95,000 3 [1] 6 [2] Hevstaff

Scarlet Scythe

Coin 80,000 Scythe
Massive Spear Coin 85,000 Item 150 12732 5fd011c3406a2faebc9c73d5c77f698e
Zweihander Coin 110,000 Zhand
Little Friend Coin 100,000
Golden Battle Axe Coin 90,000 Item 150 12725 8c916625a60d47b03ca8a184284fafe3
Visored Racing Helmet Coin 19,250 Item 150 12769 216fc0a0a732fa79a163b21972b7b045
Construction Shield Coin 69,500 Construction Shield

Before LEGO Universe

Achilles Plutarch originated as the Spartan Warrior from Series 2 Minifigures.

According to his Bio on the Minifigures website, Achilles Plutarch is always prepared for war. However, seeing as there is little need for a Spartan Warriors in the present day, he tends to spend most of his time watching historical documentaries. To compensate for his lack of fighting, Achilles constantly keeps himself physically fit through much exercise. He is incredibly strong and very fast, but not particularly creative. Achilles Plutarch is also the only playable character in the Spartan Thrower online game and makes a playable appearance in the videogame LEGO Battles: Ninjago.


  • Achilles Plutarch's name is a tribute to Achilles, a mythical Greek warrior who fought in the Trojan War, and Plutarch, a Greek philosopher who wrote Parallel Lives.
  • Achilles Plutarch wears a Sentinel Faction Valiant Cape, indicating that he is a member of Sentinel Faction.
  • For the first few days of Nexus Tower being out, the "Little Friend" only cost 10,000 coins. It was then adjusted it to be the correct 100,000 coins, but not before players with very little cash bought it.
  • The Golden Battle Axe, was once given away by a Mythran a few days before the game's closure.
  • On the last day of LU, at around 8:30pm EST, Achilles' helmet was given to every player online.

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