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Anchor Management
Anchor Management
Smash a Stromling Ape or Admiral in Gnarled Forest and bring Duke Exeter its anchor.
"I need your help on the battlefield below, but I must be sure you're qualified, recruit. Go to Gnarled Forest and bring me an Anchor!"
"Good work! I Maelstrom-infested jungle isn't much hassle for the Nexus Force, right?"
Location Info
Start Location: Sentinel Command Center
End Location: Sentinel Command Center
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List: The anchor of 1 Stromling Ape or Stromling Admiral
Starts With: Duke Exeter
Ends With: Duke Exeter
Total Coins: 500
Total U-Score: 30
Stats Won: None
Items Won: None
Choice Items Won: None
In late beta testing, this mission was titled "Face the Ape". Prior to the Nexus Tower update, this mission was given by Kurt Tussle.
Mission Progression
This mission follows:

Assistance from the Agents (Paradox)
Build Up For Battle (Assembly)
Valorous Vanda (Sentinel)
Duke's Dire Straits (Venture League)

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