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Ape Anchor
Location Gnarled Forest , Crux Prime
Function Damaging Stromling Apes

The Ape Anchor is a Quick Build that is unearthed when a Stromling Ape uses its Ground Pound attack.

To aid Nexus Force members without sufficient gear to survive a battle against a Stromling Ape, Venture League has buried the bricks to assemble the Ape Anchor in various locations of Gnarled Forest and Crux Prime. These areas are where Stromling Apes or Stromling Ape Invaders can typically be found.

When Stromling Apes use their Ground Pounds, the third shockwave unearths the anchor's bricks and allows players to use the quick build. It requires 9 imagination to build a Gnarled Forest anchor and 15 imagination to build a Crux Prime anchor. Once built, the anchor falls on the Stromling Ape, smashing itself in the process and heavily wounding the ape. Since it deals a great amount of damage, this is the easiest way to smash an ape.

If players are attacked whilst building the anchor, the quick build may fail and will disappear until the Stromling Ape performs another Ground Pound. The anchor can built without fear of attack if the player stuns the Stromling Ape beforehand, either with a stunning weapon or by depleting the ape's armor.

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Beta Information

Prior to the Nexus Jawbox update, Ape Anchors would instantly smash any Stromling Ape, including Roo Morgg and Kinga Hurl. This was likely changed to make Stromling Apes more challenging foes and to reduce kill stealing. Now, anchors can only deal a set amount of damage to the ape, wounding the ape but not smashing it. Some apes, such as Roo Morgg, require numerous anchors to be built in order to be smashed.


  • Anchors Away drops an Ape Anchor on a nearby enemy, dealing 8 damage.

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