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This page contains information about content from the Alpha Test Phase or Pre-Alpha Development Phase. This did not appear in the final game.

Assembly Inventor
Inventor youreeka
Theme Assembly
World Youreeka
Weapon/Tool Clipboard and pen

This article is about the pre-alpha NPC. You may be looking for the Inventor specialty kit or the Assembly Inventor achievement.

The Assembly Inventor was an NPC in Youreeka and Zorillo Plaza. Players were asked to assist her, upon which she would give the Skunkbusters a good word about the player so they would be able to join.


  • While the in-game minifigure for the Inventor was female, a pre-alpha map refers to the Inventor as "Gordon", which may refer to the Assembly Inventor's alternate male design.
  • A bloated NPC resembling an Assembly Inventor appears as an easter egg floating outside the Venture Explorer.
  • On January 30, 2012, the Inventor was spawned by a Mythran at Red Blocks.


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