Assembly Personal Fortress
Assembly Personal Fortress
Faction Assembly
Specialty Kit Rank 3 Engineer
Function Defense

The Assembly Personal Fortress is a fortified turret that can be deployed by Rank 3 Assembly Engineers.

At the cost of 10 Imagination, players wearing the Engineer Vest/Gilet 3 can deploy the Assembly Personal Fortress. Once deployed, the Assembly Personal Fortress protects its user and remains stationary, while its mounted turret fires sixteen shots at all enemies in front of the fortress, with each shot dealing 1 damage. After all sixteen shots have been fired, the Assembly Personal Fortress deconstructs and cannot be rebuilt during a thirty-second-long cool-down period.

Beta Information

Prior to the Nexus Tower update, the Personal Fortress did 2x16 damage, but had a two-minute-long cool-down period. Following the update, the Personal Fortress's damage rate has been lowered to 1x16, but the cool-down period has been reduced to thirty seconds to compensate.


  • The Assembly Personal Fortress was designed by Hans Burkhard Schlömer, one of the model designers for LEGO Universe. Schlömer was only given a brief description of the Personal Fortress to work with and designed a number of different concepts, then art director Phil Atencio chose the one that fit his vision the best.[1]
  • A scaled-up version of the Assembly Personal Fortress was built with physical LEGO bricks and on display in NetDevil Headquarters.[1]

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