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This NPC is part of the Assembly faction.

Augie Ninewells
Augie Ninewells 2.png
Theme Assembly
World Nexus Tower
Weapon/Tool Wrench

Augie Ninewells, originally known as Butch Blatterwhistle on Storm Universe, is an Assembly Guard NPC in the Nexus Core of the Nexus Tower.

Noticing that Imagination was bursting some of the pipes, Augie Ninewells sends players to repair four of the burst Imagination pipes located throughout Nexus Tower.

Augie harbors distrust towards Paradox and feels uncomfortable with the faction experimenting with Maelstrom so close to the Imagination Nexus. Thus, he keeps a close eye on them. Noticing that they've been messing with the power system, he sends players to repair open power panels located in the Paradox Laboratory.

Later, Augie Ninewells gives Daily Missions exclusively to Assembly members. These missions include fighting Stromlings, participating in Avant Gardens Survival, participating in The Battle of Nimbus Station, competing in races, and building Maelstrom Turrets.


Beta Information

Concept art for Augie Ninewells, originally known as an Assembly Scout, was found in a beta directory for Avant Gardens mission giver renderings, along with concept art for Trek Furino, Meyer Muckrake, and a Sentinel Commander. While his occupation is now listed as a guard, his texture is still labeled "Assembly Scout". Additionally, renderings of Augie Ninewells seen in a Nexus Tower promo and the in-game Mission Indicator depict him with the Assembly Scout's textures.


  • "Augie" is a town in Nigeria known for its government. His last name is likely derived from NineWells, a famous player in LEGO Universe. This is supported by fact of the distinguishable name change between servers. Alternatively, "Ninewells" may be derived from the number of pipe quick-builds in Nexus Tower or an area in Scotland known for its hospital.
  • Augie Ninewells is the only mission-giver with a different name across servers.