Aura Mar
Aura Mar
World Crux Prime
Main Location of Butterscorch
Enemies Stromling Invaders

Aura Mar is a Maelstrom infected wasteland at the edge of Crux Prime.

Aura Mar has several chasms running across its surface loosely splitting it into four parts. Underneath and surrounding Aura Mar is a massive, rolling cloud of Maelstrom energy, creating Stromling Invaders in large amounts. Maelstrom Missiles sent from Nexus Tower can be seen flying towards the Maelstrom cloud, but are caught by the Maelstrom in mid-air, exploding with their bricks falling to the ground below.

Sherland Powers was flying his Nexus Talon Dropship over Aura Mar when the Maelstrom attacked his ship and caused it to crash. While Sherland managed to survive by staying inside the force field of a Shield Generator, his ship was wrecked, the ship's computer landing on the other side of Aura Mar and his missiles landing around the entire area without detonating. Sherland sends players to retrieve information from the ship computer, and asks them to shoot the missiles, which explode, doing high amounts of damage to any nearby enemies.

On a small floating piece of rock off the coast of Aura Mar is Butterscorch, the most powerful enemy on Crux Prime. Upon defeating her, players can access a platforming puzzle on more rocks behind her and attempt to get a Heart Flag.


  • Aura Mar was originally the name of Crux Prime itself, but eventually just became the name of one scene of the world.


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