This NPC is a vendor.

Axon Klaxon
Axon Klaxon Alternate.png
Theme Minifigures
World Nexus Tower
Quote "Not building does not compute!"

Axon Klaxon is a Brick Vendor NPC in the Assembly Storeroom in Nexus Tower.

Like Bruno Underbite, Axon Klaxon sells primarily basic bricks, but he also notably sells a Dish 6x6 Inverted Brick. This specific brick is needed by Doctor Overbuild to complete his Property Scanner by mirroring the dorsal inverse retro-encabulator. If players do not already have a Dish 6x6 Inverted Brick, Overbuild sends them to purchase one from Axon Klaxon.

Axon's inventory is that of both Bruno Underbite and Darby Snapwish.

Before LEGO Universe

Axon Klaxon originated as the Robot from Series 1 Minifigures.

According to his bio on the Minifigures website, Axon Klaxon is obsessed with building, to the point where he will even fry his own circuits while building. Nobody, not even Axon, knows the Robot's origins or builder. Axon Klaxon possesses maximum strength and creativity but only average speed. Axon Klaxon is the playable character in the Brick Builder online game and is one of the possible results for the "Which Sci-Fi Minifigure are you?" quiz. In a short animation, Axon Klaxon is among the Minifigures watching the Clown juggle accessories.


  • An axon is a part of a neuron that conducts electrical impulses away from the neuron's cell body. A klaxon is a loud electric horn formerly used on motor vehicles.
  • Doctor Overbuild describes Axon Klaxon's personality as "cranky".

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