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Rebuild Wall 325 Task
Imagination Required 3
Items Required Six Tile 1x8 Bricks (Sentinel Base Camp only)
Location Sentinel Base Camp, Brig Rock, Caldera Mar

The Barricade is a Quick Build used to temporarily patch holes in walls.

One Barricade Quick Build is found in the Sentinel Base Camp. Noticing a hole in the camp's defensive wall, Fitz Vanderbuilt sends players to the Monument to collect six Tile 1x8 bricks. Since it requires Tile 1x8 bricks as well as 3 Imagination to build, this Barricade is considered a Collection Quick Build. However, every time the Barricade is constructed, three Stromlings spawn outside the camp to quickly smash it, so Fitz offers players the opportunity to rebuild the wall in Daily Missions.

Three more Barricades are located in Brig Rock. However, unlike the Sentinel Barricade, these Barricades do not require Tile 1x8 bricks and are considered standard Quick Builds. These Barricades, when assembled, temporarily block off the cracks in the walls of the brig, preventing Stromling Pirates and Stromling Admirals from spawning. Bert Scurvyburp sends players to build three Barricades.

Two more Barricades can be found in Caldera Mar near Roo Morgg, though they are retooled as floating platforms to aid players in jumping from rock to rock. Like the Barricades at Brig Rock, they are standard Quick Builds and do not require any bricks to assemble. Prior to the Nexus Tower update, these floating Barricades had to be assembled to collect one of Johnny Thunder's Treasure Chests.

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