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Make these come to life with behaviors

Behaviors are a way of allowing LEGO creations on properties to perform actions that were added on May 4th, 2010. Once a model or brick has been placed on a property, the owner can click on the gear icon to add behaviors to their models. These behaviors allow for much more creativity and customization, and have been used to create some of the most visited properties. Behaviors can be unlocked by completing the following missions:


These are the pre-made behaviors rewarded by achievements unlocked by completing the previous missions:

Behavior Name How to get Description Image
Basic Smash Behaviour Model Movers When attacked, model will smash, wait 10 seconds, then rebuild. Smash.png
Basic Platform Behaviour Model Movers When interacted with, model will raise and lower.
Spin Right Behaviour Model Movers When interacted with, model will spin clockwise in a circle SpinRight.png
Spin Left Behaviour Model Movers When interacted with, model will spin counterclockwise in a circle SpinLeft.png
Circular Patrol Behaviour Model Movers When interacted with, model will patrol in a counter-clockwise circle.
Sounds on Touch Behaviour Clear Nimbus Rock! Plays different sounds depending on what is touching or stops touching the model.
Proximity Build Behaviour Clear Nimbus Rock! Model will build when a player gets close, smash when a player moves away.
Touch Sensitive Platform Behaviour Clear Nimbus Rock! Model moves up and down when touched. The model also gives instructions when approached.
Manipulate Model Behaviour Clear Nimbus Rock! Allows a player to slide and rotate a model around. Interacting pushes the model forward and attacking causes it to spin.
Advanced Smash Behaviour Clear Chantey Shanty! Smashes model on attack then completely resets model and all behaviors
Fragile Model Behaviour Clear Chantey Shanty! Model will smash when any object touches it, or it encounters a loud noise from an explosive smash. Object rebuilds through various methods.
Imagination Dispenser Behaviour Clear Chantey Shanty! Dispenses imagination when interacted with. Recharges every 10 seconds.
Basic AI Behaviour Clear Chantey Shanty! This Behavior will enable your model to follow and flee from players.
Alarm Behaviour Clear Raven Bluff! An alarm will sound while a player is close to the model.
Damage Behaviour Clear Raven Bluff! Drains the Life of a player every second while touching the model.
Unleash Power-Ups Behaviour Clear Raven Bluff! Model drops Hearts, Imagination, and Armor when attacked.
Toy Robot Behaviour Clear Raven Bluff! Turn robot on and off. Robot will move forward until it encounters an obstacle.
Mouse Behaviour Dragged from a Cat, Frog, etc. models Basic Creature Behaviour

Make It Yourself

There are also a list of behavior components to choose from so that personal behaviors can be created. This allows for much more customization in a player's property.

The pre-alpha behavior pallete

Early Behaviors.PNG
Triggers Rotations Movements Navigation Actions Gameplay States
On Interact Spin Left Move Up Follow Play Sound Drop Imagination Power-up Change State to Home
On Attack Spin Right Move Down Flee Smash Drop Life Power-up Change State to Circle
When Near: Touching, Near, Far Tilt Forward Move Left Return Home Rebuild Drop Armor Power-up Change State to Square
When Away: Touching, Near, Far Tilt Backward Move Right Set Speed Wait Do Damage Change State to Diamond
On Impact: Any, Model, Terrain, Boundary Roll Left Move Forward Chat Unleash Stromling Change State to Triangle
On Chat Roll Right Move Backward Silent Chat Unleash Pirate Change State to Star
On Timer Spin Left Restart Unleash Ronin
On Start

Pre-alpha behavior editor.JPG



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