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Bert Scurvyburp
Theme Pirates
World Gnarled Forest
Quote "Hoist yerself up, it's not safe down there!"

Bert Scurvyburp is a Pirate Quartermaster NPC at Gnarled Forest's Brig Rock.

With Stromling Pirates and Stromling Admirals taking over Brig Rock and Swabbie the Monkey madly firing a pistol, Bert Scurvyburp has taken up a position on a wooden platform near the entrance to Brig Rock. Hearing the commotion, Arrrthur Arrrbuckle sends players to check in with Bert and find out what is going on. Pinned down by Swabbie's gun firing, Bert Scurvyburp sends players to take the pistol away from the monkey.

After players succeed, Bert Scurvyburp sends players to smash three of the Stromling Admirals. Then, noticing that the Stromlings are emerging from three large cracks in Brig Rock, Bert tells players to build barricades to block off the cracks and stop the Stromlings from entering Brig Rock.


Beta Information

At one point prior to alpha testing, Bert Scurvyburp wore an Orange Pirate Ship Shirt.

Bert Scurvyburp currently stands on the higher of two wooden platforms. During beta testing, the higher platform did not exist, and Bert instead stood on the lower platform. This was possibly changed because Stromling Admirals could get close enough to fire their cannons at unsuspecting players talking to Bert Scurvyburp.

Bert Scurvyburp was originally unnamed and simply called the "Scared Pirate". In mid-beta testing, he was very briefly known as Bertie Scurvyburp.


  • During beta testing, when viewed from afar, a Minifig's hair piece could be seen through their hat piece. Bert Scurvyburp was no exception, and when viewed from afar, it could be seen that he had thick dark-blue hair.
  • Bert Scurvyburp theorizes that eating bananas near a Stromling Ape will temporarily distract the primate. Nexus Force does not consider this an effective strategy.[1]


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