Bill Shido
Bill Shido 6
Theme Ninja
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "I can’t even sneak through that gate! I’m a horrible ninja!"
Weapon/Tool Katana

Bill Shido is a Ninja Messenger located in Forbidden Valley.

Bill Shido can be found in the Forbidden Passage en route to the Paradox Refinery to deliver a scroll to Vapor Overcast. However, he took off his Ninja Hood due to the hood-hair it gave him and ended up losing it. Lamenting his inability to pass the Fallen Gate's Maelstrom Force Field, Bill Shido asks players to deliver the scroll for him.

Later, players can return to Bill Shido, who is finding it difficult to travel Forbidden Valley with so many Dark Ronin statues populating the area. He makes a bet with players to smash twenty of the ronin statues before their Dark Ronin awake. When players win the bet, Bill Shido admits that he now fears players for their speed and strength.


Beta Information

In early beta testing, Bill Shido was named Dragon Bill, a reference to the Dragon Ball manga. Throughout beta testing, Bill Shido wore a classic Black Ninja Gi and carried a Ninja Buckler Shield.

In beta testing, Bill Shido's mission to smash twenty ronin statues could be optionally repeated by players to earn extra Coins, serving as a precursor to Daily Missions.


  • Bill Shido's name is a play on "Bushido", a code of honor followed by samurai. Ironically, ninja were not known to follow this code.
  • In title, Bill Shido appears to be the successor of the pre-alpha Ninja Messenger. In role, however, the two NPCs are very different.
  • Upon receiving the scroll from players, Vapor Overcast makes a comment that suggests that this is not the first time that Bill Shido has lost his Ninja Hood.


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