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Billy Picaroon
Billy Picaroon
Theme Pirates
World Gnarled Forest
Weapon/Tool None

Billy Picaroon is a Brick Vendor in Gnarled Forest. He is located at Crocodile Corner, near the Keelhaul Canyon Raceway. He is a rather useful vendor as he sells minifigure parts.

Beta Information

During beta testing, Billy Picaroon was an Accessory Vendor. Briefly in the development of the game, he was known as the Racing Accessory Vendor. In early beta testing, he had Bob's textures, but with black gloves and a black bandanna and was located in front of a small shack between Keelhaul Canyon and Rudder Bumpsteer's booth. In mid-beta testing, his White First Mate's Shirt had a classic design and his black bandana was a darker shade. 


  • The early beta version of Billy Picaroon was spawned by a Mythran at Red Blocks on January 30, 2012, but acted as a Brick Vendor much like his finalized version.


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