FTOverheadIcon This part of LEGO Universe was available in the Free To Play version!

Where to Find: Any world, excluding Properties , LUP Worlds and Club Station Alpha
How to Use: Interact (SHIFT)
Required Item: None

Binoculars are objects located on nearly every world in LEGO Universe. Interacting with one shows the player a sweeping, cinematic view of a nearby area of the world in question. Each world with binoculars has an achievement centered around looking through all of the ones there. If a player has never looked through a particular pair of binoculars, two glowing rings will be floating in front of the lenses. Once the player looks through a pair of binoculars once, the rings disappear.

Max in Club Station Alpha hints that binoculars give players a reward if you look through enough of them, and can help find certain areas.

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  • The glowing rings were not added to the binoculars until late Beta. Before then, it was very difficult for players to keep track of which ones they had and hadn't already seen.
  • Starbase 3001 is the smallest world to include binoculars. There are only two pairs of binoculars located there.
  • Riding an unreleased Horse Mount will cause the glowing rings to come back.
  • There is a Left-Handed item entitled "Binoculars," which shouldn't be confused with in-game Binoculars like these.


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