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Block Yard
Block Yard Launchpad
Major Characters in Location Vance Bulwark
Enemies Spider Queen

Block Yard is the first property that players can claim in LEGO Universe. In order to claim it, players must defeat the Spider Queen.

When the Spider Queen escaped from the Paradox Research Facility, she fled into the Maelstrom Mine. There, she discovered a launchpad to Block Yard, and used a Paradox Darkwarp Rocket to fly to the unclaimed property. She then created a dense cloud of Maelstrom energy, which floated over Block Yard and the Launch Area.

With the assistance of Melodie Foxtrot, the player is able to find the location of the Spider Queen, and is given permission to go to Block Yard to defeat her. They are greeted to the property by Vance Bulwark, who gives the player Trial Faction Gear to aid in the battle. The player is victorious, and Block Yard is cleared of Maelstrom energy.

Vance Bulwark then gives the player a tutorial on property construction, including moving and placing models. The player is then free to build on Block Yard and open their customized property to other players, or go back to the Maelstrom Mine to fight the Spider Queen again in the Spider Queen Battle instance.


  • Block Yard is free to claim and own, however it once cost 1 coin per month during alpha and early beta, peaking for one month at 500 coins.


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