LEGO Universe Wiki
Bone Beetle
Theme Ninjago
World Fire Temple
Weapon/Tool Mandibles

Bone Beetles are skeletal insect enemies that would have appeared in the unreleased Fire Temple. They were showcased, along with other upcoming Ninjago enemies, in the September-October 2011 issue of LEGO Club Magazine, which claimed that Bone Beetles are invulnerable unless flipped onto its back, at which point it becomes vulnerable to Spinjitzu. However, since LEGO Universe was closed, the Fire Temple was canceled, and Bone Beetles will not be officially released.

LEGO Club Magazine description

This scuttling, armored nasty is immune to all of your attacks – until you flip him over! Unleash any Spinjitzu attack near the Beetle to knock it onto its back. Then give it a few good whacks before it gets up again!


  • A variation known as the Armored Bone Beetle, protected by a Maelstrom-infused shell, was also created by developers.
  • Bone Beetles were spawned by a Mythran in Nimbus Plaza on January 12, 2012. Armored Bone Beetles were spawned on January 3, 2012 and January 17, 2012.