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Bonny Belay
Bonny Belay
Theme Pirates
World Gnarled Forest

Bonny Belay is a Pirate Rigger NPC seen chatting with Simon Soupspoon in Gnarled Forest's Pirate Camp. She has no dialogue or direct role in the game and currently remains only a background character.

Beta Information

In alpha testing and early beta testing, Bonny Belay was an unnamed male pirate who had Rascus's beard and wore a black bandana, a Red Striped Crew Shirt, and brown pants; this model is identical to the Pirate Worker. In mid-beta testing, Bonny Belay replaced this pirate, but she wore no hat, exposing her blond hair tied in a ponytail; she also had wider eyes and lips.

Following the Nexus Jawbox update, Bonny Belay's light-brown pants have been changed to white. However, seeing as numerous other NPCs, most notably Arrrthur Arrrbuckle, have inexplicably been given white clothes, this may be an unintentional glitch.


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