Boris Toobsox
Boris Toobsox
Theme LEGO Universe
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "Want to try a foot race?"
Weapon/Tool Longsword

Boris Toobsox is a Foot Race Host in Forbidden Valley.

Boris Toobsox hangs out near the Paradox Refinery, offering players the chance to try his Foot Race. If players accept his challenge, his Foot Race takes players through the Forbidden Passage and leads all the way back to the Great Tree.

Beta Information

In mid-beta testing, Boris Toobsox was briefly named Featherfoot Mcgee. His name was later changed to Natso Fast, until this name was given to another Foot Race Host in Forbidden Valley. Throughout beta testing, Boris Toobsox had a cheerier demeanor, constantly performing a Jump Dance while smiling.

Prior to the Nexus Jawbox update, Boris Toobsox wore a purple Rumpled Jacket. Since many other NPC clothes were turned white with this update, this is likely a glitch, but it was never corrected before LEGO Universe was announced to close.


  • Boris Toobsox's surname is a play on "tube socks".


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