Brannan Landers
Sentinel knight crux prime
Theme Sentinel Faction
World Crux Prime
Quote "Fight the Maelstrom with Imagination. That's what it all boils down to."
Weapon/Tool Sword

Brannan Landers is the Sentinel Faction Sergeant stationed at Sentinel Point Zeta.

Shortly before players are allowed to travel to Crux Prime, Brannan Landers tries to contact Duke Exeter, but his radio message breaks up. Duke Exeter sends players down to Crux Prime to report in with Brannan Landers.

When players report in with Brannan Landers, he explains that they recently lost contact with a Nexus Talon Dropship that crash-landed in Aura Mar. He sends players to search the battlefield and find Sherland Powers, the dropship's pilot.

At one point, Brannan Landers was attacked by a group of Skulkins. However, Neido arrived and, using his Imagination Spinjitzu, rescued Landers from the skeletons. Curious to know more about the mysterious Ninja, Brannan Landers assigns players with the task of traveling to the Ninjago Monastery Ruins and meeting Neido.

Brannan Landers also orders players to Quick Build one of the Shield Generators that has been deployed on the battlefield, allowing more Nexus Force troops to keep fighting. Because the Shield Generators require much Imagination to build, Landers recommends that players team up with friends in order to assemble a Shield Generator.

After being stationed at Sentinel Point Zeta for hours, Brannan Landers begins to feel weary. Hearing that Neido makes powerful Imagination Tea, Landers asks players to seek Neido and bring back a cup of Imagination Tea. When players return, Brannan Landers is barely awake, but immediately feels rejuvenated upon drinking the Imagination Tea.


Update Information

When Crux Prime was first released, Brannan Landers stood to the right of the landing pad where players arrive at Crux Prime. Following the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu update, Brannan Landers was moved to the left of the landing pad, occupying the space where Bronson Jarls originally stood.

Prior to the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu update, Brannan Landers was rescued from the Skulkins by Sensei Wu, and the mission he offered was titled The Mysterious Master. Brannan Landers also asked players to get Imagination Tea from Sensei Wu.


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