Brick Annex
Brick Annex
World Nimbus Station
Main Location of Assembly
Enemies None

The Brick Annex is a location in Nimbus Station northeast of Nimbus Plaza.

The Assembly Faction has a large presence here and the Assembly HQ is the most prominent building of the area. The Assembly wizard and his assistant, Mardolf the Orange and Rad Eccles, are located here, as well as the vendors Bruno Underbite and Autumn Helix. From here, players can visit Pet Cove, Starbase 3001, Nimbus Rock, and Nimbus Isle.


Beta Information

During Alpha and Beta, it was home to the Duck Shooting Gallery Minigame, which was located where the Nimbus Rock launchpad is now.



  • The Robot Dog Pet can be found here as well near the Assembly HQ.
  • There is a Wishing Well in the shape of a birdbath by the launchpad to Pet Cove.
  • Players may also modular-build a rocket here near where the Robot Dogs are located.
  • The launchpad to the larger Nimbus Property, Nimbus Isle, is located where the Frostburgh launchpad once was.
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