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This NPC is part of the Paradox faction.

Brick Fury
Brick fury.png
Theme Paradox
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "You want the Maelstrom? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE MAELSTROM!!"
Weapon/Tool Arm Cannon

"Brick Fury's advanced technology allows him to single-handedly defend our Forbidden Valley Refinery. His Maelstrom-powered weaponry and armor are monitored for signs of Maelstrom Corruption."- Paradox Laboratory Nexus Force Plaque

Brick Fury is a Paradox Super Soldier who defends the Paradox Refinery.

As a response to the disaster in the Avant Gardens Paradox Research Facility, Paradox created Brick Fury to defend the Paradox Refinery from Stromlings. Brick Fury stands at the edge of the Paradox Refinery, where he fires upon Dark Ronin and Maelstrom Horsemen from the Maelstrom Valley. Brick Fury has more ammunition than all of Sentinel Faction, and his shots are always accurate.

Brick Fury's handler is Vapor Overcast, who demonstrates Brick Fury's firing abilities by asking players to lure three Maelstrom Horsemen into his range. As Brick Fury runs on Maelstrom-Infected Bricks for power, it is Vapor Overcast's job to keep him at peak performance by constantly supplying him with these bricks.

Brick Fury is closely monitored for signs of danger from the Paradox Laboratory in Nexus Tower. A side effect of the Maelstrom-Infected Bricks leads to Brick Fury overheating, causing parts of him to become infected. Fearing disaster, Vanda Darkflame warns Doctor Overbuild of the trouble. Using the Imagination Backpack, players are dispatched by Doctor Overbuild in order to cool Brick Fury. Players arrive in time to cool him with a blast of Imagination from the backpack. No further problems arise from the Maelstrom, although Paradox continues to keep an eye on him.

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Beta Information

In beta testing, Brick Fury had a brighter color scheme consisting of dark blue, light gray, and red, with red hair and no glow effects. Similar to Stromling Mech Turrets and Assembly Summoner creatures, Brick Fury had a Life bar of his own, although it could never be depleted.


  • Brick Fury's name is a homage to the Marvel Comics character Nick Fury.
  • If Brick Fury fires upon a Stromling at full health, the Stromling drops no loot. However, if Brick Fury fires upon a Stromling that has already been wounded by players, the Stromling drops loot for the first player who inflicted damage upon it.
  • Brick Fury's dialogue references famous films such as Apocalypse Now and A Few Good Men.