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This NPC is a Ninja.

Brickmaster Clang
Ninja 3.png
Theme Paradox
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "It is not enough to smash and destroy. One must also learn to build and create."
Weapon/Tool None

Brickmaster Clang is a Paradox Ninja who trains players in the art of building.

Master Fong Shader sends players to prove themselves to Brickmaster Clang before he can let them speak with Numb Chuck. To train players in the art of building, Brickmaster Clang tells players to Cavalry Hill, where they must build Maelstrom Turrets to stop the Maelstrom Horsemen from emerging from their crypts. When players return having succeeded in this task, Brickmaster Clang sends his approval to Master Fong Shader.

Collaborating with Gathermaster Klex, Brickmaster Clang plans to free the four Ninja Prisoners from Brig Rock. Gathermaster Klex builds Headless Ninja Dummies for players, who are sent to Brickmaster Clang for the next step in the jailbreak. Brickmaster Clang sends players to find Mermaid Heads for the dummies, which must be used to fool the Pirates during the jailbreak after Hashi, Mashi, Zashi, and Steve are rescued.

Knowing that players wish to tame a Panda, Brickmaster Clang puts players through one final test to prove themselves. He sends players to interact with a nearby Panda statue and complete a challenging Foot Race, which requires players to be nimble and agile as they make difficult jumps across the branches of the Great Tree. Upon completion, players may tame a Panda, much to Brickmaster Clang's approval.


Beta Information

Although Brickmaster Clang was unnamed for most of beta testing, he was identified as the Build Ninja in The Ninja Masters mission text. Throughout beta testing, Brickmaster Clang wore a classic Red Ninja Gi and Red Pants.


  • After the jailbreak succeeds, Brickmaster Clang speculates that Steve got lost after leaving Brig Rock, even though Steve is among the Rescued Ninjas at Ravencloud Gate.