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This page contains information about content from the Alpha Test Phase or Pre-Alpha Development Phase. This did not appear in the final game.

Theme Ninja
World Pre-alpha Forbidden Valley
Quote "Excellent! You've got the bricks. Now let me make this hammer for you!"[1]
Weapon/Tool Hammers

The Ninja Bricksmith was a pre-alpha Forbidden Valley blacksmith.

Players would have been sent by the Ninja Sentry to meet the Bricksmith in the Dragon Forge, which was under attack by Darklings.[2] There, the Bricksmith would forge them a hammer using special Hammer Bricks collected from smashed black rocks. The first brick would be found inside a black smashable rock located in the forge.[3] Then, the Bricksmith would have sent players to follow colored fences and find three more black smashable rocks, which break apart to reveal three more Hammer Bricks, and then return to forge the hammer.[1] Unable to leave the Dragon Forge, the Bricksmith would have assigned players to use their new hammers to smash six Grumpy Darklings.[4] Finally, the Bricksmith would have sent players to the Great Tree to talk with the Ninja Tree Sentry.[5] Later, players could return to the Bricksmith for a repeatable mission to smash six more Darklings.[6]

The Ninja Bricksmith was removed from LEGO Universe prior to alpha testing. His role has been succeeded by Gathermaster Klex in the released game.




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