Brig Rock
World Gnarled Forest
Main Location of Ralphie Brig-Eyes
Enemies Stromling Pirates, Stromling Admirals

Brig Rock is a wrecked jail in Gnarled Forest that has been taken over by Stromling Pirates and Stromling Admirals, constantly emerging from caves.

Brig Rock can be accessed through a jungle trail guarded by a Stromling Ape. From Brig Rock, players can Quick Build a bouncer and travel to the Pirate Camp, but this Quick Build is also guarded by another Stromling Ape. Players can also travel through the Brig Rock Tunnel to Crocodile Corner, which requires the use of a Pirate Hook.

Although the area is full of Stromling Admirals and Maelstrom-infected treasure chests, the pirates still use Brig Rock to lock up their ninja prisoners. After Hashi, Mashi, Zashi, and Steve were caught snooping around Gnarled Forest, they were locked in Brig Rock. However, Ralphie Brig-Eyes prefers to treat his prisoners humanely and wants to ensure that they receive meals, which consist solely of bananas.

Weeks later, Swabbie the Monkey stole a pistol and fires it madly under orders from the ninjas of Forbidden Valley. This pins down the two pirates in the area, Bert Scurvyburp and Ralphie Brig-Eyes. Hearing the gunshots, Arrrthur Arrrbuckle sends players to speak with Bert and find out what is going on. Bert sends players to stop Swabbie from firing his gun, while Ralphie sends players to feed the ninja prisoners. Swabbie hands over the pistol in exchange for bananas. Eventually, the four ninja prisoners are freed by players carrying out missions for Brickmaster Clang and Gathermaster Klex.


Beta Information

As seen in early gameplay footage, the jail cells of Brig Rock were originally models from the pre-alpha version of Gnarled Forest. This was changed prior to alpha testing.

In alpha testing, the bouncer required to travel to the Pirate Camp was originally three Choice Builds. When built, these Choice Builds could be assembled into three pillars of three different heights. Players had to work together to build pillars of the right heights in order to scale the cliff and travel to the Pirate Camp.


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