Bronson Jarls
Bronson Jarls
Theme Sentinel Faction
World Crux Prime
Quote "Go out there and give the Maelstrom a bad day!"
Weapon/Tool Sword and Blaster

Bronson Jarls is a Sentinel Faction Lieutenant NPC stationed at Sentinel Point Zeta.

Bronson Jarls constantly rallies up his troops in the battle against the Maelstrom's forces on Crux Prime. When talking to players, he assigns many different Daily Missions each day, requiring players to go out into the battlefield and smash certain numbers of Stromling Invaders and Skulkins, with these missions range from smashing twenty Dark Spiderling Invaders to smashing five Maelstrom Dragon Invaders. For every completed Daily Mission, Bronson Jarls rewards players with a package of their choice, which will drop Items, Consumables, or Gems when opened.


Update Information

When Crux Prime was first released, Bronson Jarls offered missions to smash Named Enemies, including Talli Reeko and ED-902. Following the Power of the Nexus Force update, these missions are no longer offered.

When Crux Prime was first released, Bronson Jarls was found on the upper platform of Sentinel Point Zeta with Brannan Landers. Following the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu update, Bronson Jarls was moved to a lower position closer to the battlefield, where he stands beside a Sentinel turret.


  • Bronson Jarls's CGI rendering uses Sentinel Grunt textures for his shirt and pants, a different face texture with a headset, and a blue helmet that has a slightly different shape from the standard Knights Helmet worn by Bronson in-game. The CGI rendering used for the Mission Tracker uses his correct in-game textures, but still uses the different blue helmet.
  • Occasionally, a glitch might occur in which Bronson Jarls's gear is removed, revealing his white hair tied back in a ponytail.
  • Bronson Jarls's quote about chewing bubblegum is a reference to the movie They Live.


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