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Bruno Underbite
Bruno Underbite in-game
Main Location Nimbus Station
Theme Assembly
Weapon/Tool None

Bruno Underbite is the Brick Vendor of Nimbus Station. Bruno wears Rank 2 Engineer gear, indicating that he is a member of Assembly.

Bruno Underbite's shop can be found in Brick Annex, along the path leading from the Assembly HQ to the Launchpad to Nimbus Rock. He stands inside his booth, where he sells basic blocks, tiles, and other generic bricks.

Beta Information

In alpha testing and beta testing, Bruno Underbite was unnamed and simply identified as Brick Vendor. He wore a yellow construction hat and early Assembly Faction Grunt shirt and pants, the same clothes worn by other Assembly characters such as Vector Longview and Ellgren Stackwell in alpha and early beta. He did not receive his Rank 2 Engineer gear until late beta testing, at which time the Engineer Shirt 2 had no gloves.

During alpha testing and early beta testing, prior to the introduction of Autumn Helix, Bruno Underbite stood outside his shop rather than behind the counter.


  • Much of Bruno Underbite's inventory is shared with Axon Klaxon.


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