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Burky Urchin
Burky Unchin-ingame
Theme Pirates
World Gnarled Forest
Quote "I got pants o' several colors among me Pirate wares, matey!"[1]
Weapon/Tool None

Burky Urchin is a Gear Vendor NPC in Gnarled Forest.

Burky Urchin's shop is located in the Ravine, near the bridge leading to Tortoise Terrace. There, he sells clothes, weapons, and consumables to players.

When Hugo First grows too hungry from standing around, he sends players to buy three Hardtack Biscuits from Burky Urchin to satisfy his hunger. Burky's Hardtack Biscuits and Hot Chocolate can also be used in Johnny Umami's recipes for Dirt Sandwiches and Rockolate Bars.

Items for Sale at this Location

Item Price (Coins) Required Level Stats Ability Picture
Notion Potion Coin 60 Restores 6 Imagination Notion
Strong Notion Potion Coin 100 5 Restores 10 Imagination Strong notion
Armor Polish Coin 40 Repairs 4 Armor Armor Polish
Armor Shine Coin 70 5 Repairs 7 Armor Armor Shine
Healing Banana Coin 20 Heals 2 Life Healing bannana
Healing Cherry Coin 40 5 Heals 4 Life Healing cherry
Hot Chocolate Coin 40 Heals 4 Life Hot chocolate
Hardtack Biscuit Coin 60 Max Life +2 temporarily Biscuit
Red Imaginite Coin 100 Use of Wishing Wells cost one Red Imaginite Crystal Red Imaginite Crystal
Worthy Morning Star Coin 2,000 1 + 1 + 3 Worthy morning star
Superior Shortsword Coin 4,500 10 1 + 2 + 3 Superior shortswrod
Superior Huge Axe Coin 4,500 10 1 + 2 + 3 Item 150 8485 ef095cc2f9c3a823122b466b8002e801
Black Knit Cap Coin 925 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +1 Black Knit Cap
Fedora Coin 1,425 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +2 Fedora
Black Pirate Hat Coin 4,150 Armor +1 Imagination-orb +0 Rocket to Pirate Camp, Restores 3 Imagination Black pirate hat
Explorer Air Tank Coin 1,925 Armor +1 Imagination-orb +1 Explorer Air Tank.png
Cavalry Shirt Coin 100 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +0

8609 60x60

Ruffled Bodice Coin 100 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +0 Ruffled Bodice
Long Sleeve Shirt (Red) Coin 100 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +0 Long Sleeve Shirt
Long Sleeve Shirt (Blue) Coin 100 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +0 Item 150 4083 378f22dc8fcf70e24683024341e9770f
Long Sleeve Shirt (Black) Coin 100 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +0 Item 150 4219 e42b69e0ca2567f01d1748961c5560da
Long Sleeve Shirt (Redish Brown) Coin 100 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +0 Item 150 4423 a5ca261bcc87da98cde050c152ae7051
Bright Red Pants Coin 100 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +0 Bright Red Pants
Bright Blue Pants Coin 100 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +0 Bright Blue Pants
Black Pants Coin 100 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +0 Black Pants
Reddish Brown Pants Coin 100 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +0 Item 150 8649 09285e76ea7a2d607f0b97a1cb64c20d

Beta Information

During beta testing, Burky Urchin was briefly known as the Terrace Brick Vendor and, as his title implied, sold bricks instead of gear. His brick inventory included many Star Wars bricks, such as the Lightsaber hilt. At the time, Billy Picaroon and Fermie LaBoosh sold the items he sells now. However, this was changed when CES 2010 opened the Closed Beta servers. Burky also used to carry a Ship Blueprint. Prior to the Nexus Jawbox update, Burky Urchin's ship shirt was a darker shade of black.

In the final trunk build of LEGO Universe, Burky Urchin was given dialogue. However, because LEGO Universe was announced to close, the upcoming patch was never released, and Burky Urchin was never given dialogue in the released game.[1]


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