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This page contains information about content from the Alpha Test Phase or Pre-Alpha Development Phase. This did not appear in the final game.

Theme Castle
World Nimbus Park
Weapon/Tool None

Burno was a red dragon NPC from the pre-alpha phase of LEGO Universe.

Despite his frightening appearance, Burno was depicted as a friendly but clumsy dragon who kept accidentally smashing his hot dog cart with his own tail. He was going to be an NPC in Nimbus Park and later on Avant Gardens, giving a quest to rebuild his hot dog cart. A spicy hot dog known as a Burno Dog could be given to the Fireman to satisfy his hunger and learn a new dance move.

Burno was removed from LEGO Universe prior to alpha testing and does not appear in the released game.

Beta Information

When the Maelstrom Dragons were first introduced in the Beta Test, they used the same textures as Burno. Burno's pre-alpha CGI picture was also used in the Passport to represent the Maelstrom Dragons, likely as a placeholder until the finished Maelstrom Dragon CGI was completed.


  • Burno is physically based upon the dragons of the Castle line, specifically the red dragon included in the 7093 Skeleton Tower set. His hot dog cart is a slightly modified version of the LEGO Town set 6601 Ice Cream Cart.
  • Like Bob, Burno was heavily featured to promote the then-upcoming LEGO Universe, first appearing in animations on the early LEGO Universe website and concept art and a CG rendering featured in a section of The LEGO Book. Burno was also featured on a promotional brick given out at Zwolle 2009.
  • File divers have found a file in which Burno is seen posing with Aaron Beck. This is likely a tribute to the late project manager of LEGO Universe.
  • On December 19, 2011, a LEGO Universe GM named Shival hosted a party for players in Nexus Tower, spawning various NPCs and creatures, including Burno. However, Burno appeared much larger than normal, dwarfing the rocket building area he floated over. In addition, Burno was an enemy and had Maelstrom Dragon animations. Despite the fact that he was so large, players were able to smash him.[1] During the same event, a friendly Maelstrom Dragon with Burno's animations was also spawned, and several more of these friendly Maelstrom Dragons were spawned in Nimbus Plaza and Nexus Tower on January 28, 2012.

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  1. Minifigures V.S. Burno!


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