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Theme Stromlings
World Crux Prime
Weapon/Tool Fire breath

Butterscorch is a powerful Maelstrom Dragon Invader that made its den in Aura Mar.

Butterscorch's den can be found on an island in the Maelstrom surrounding Crux Prime. As a named enemy, Butterscorch is at least twice as tough as its brethren in Caldera Mar. Fighting with its fire breath and slam attack, Butterscorch possesses more Armor and Life points than any other enemy in LEGO Universe, and it is a difficult challenge for even teams of Minifigures to smash Butterscorch. Although Butterscorch's isolated home and detachment from the Crux Prime storyline makes fighting the Maelstrom Dragon Invader optional, Butterscorch guards a Venture League crate that must be quick built into a floating platform to access a Life Flag, making Butterscorch a necessary obstacle in completing the Crux Prime Flag Hunter achievement.

Heimlich Stewblaster once witnessed an Adventurer, Space Ranger, Shinobi, and Inventor engage Butterscorch in an intense battle.[1]

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  • Fireball: Butterscorch breaths out four Fireballs in quick succession, each one dealing 5 damage to players on impact.
  • Slam: Butterscorch jumps in the air and slams down upon the ground, causing knockback and 2 damage to players.
  • Flap and Burn: Butterscorch stands erect on its hind legs, flapping its wings to create a gust of wind to knock players back. Butterscorch then follows up with a single Fireball which deals 5 damage on impact.


  • Butterscorch is a play on the word "butterscotch"
  • There is no way of determining the gender of Maelstrom Dragons. However, some players speculate that Butterscorch is female based upon its name.
  • Butterscorch was spawned in Nexus Tower by a Mythran before the LEGO Universe closing.


  1. A Tale of 4 Heroes, recounted by Heimlich Stewblaster!


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