Caldera Mar
Caldera Mar 2
World Crux Prime
Main Location of Roo Morgg
Enemies Stromling Invaders

Caldera Mar is an area in Crux Prime, located between the end of Studburst Pass and the Maelstrom Quarry. It serves as a much faster route to the Ninjago Monastery Ruins, albeit much more dangerous.

The surface of Caldera Mar is comprised of many rocks floating above a volcanic pit. Down in the pit itself, the player's screen becomes pixelated, stimulating the intense heat. The heat is not a challenge to the player; except for the fact that it seems to attract Maelstrom. Caldera Mar is lined with Maelstrom Horseman Invaders, Stromling Mech Invaders, Stromling Invaders, Stromling Pirate Invaders, Stromling Ape Invaders, Dark Ronin Invaders, as well as a selection of Named Enemies, randomly spawning throughout Crux Prime.

The only relief to the player comes in two forms. Shield Generator Quick Builds spawn for players to build for 60 imagination. Three can be found in the pit. The other mercy players will find are Venture League crates which quick-build into bouncer-pads, allowing them to escape the action in the pit for the rocks above.

But there is still much action on the rocks above. Roo Morgg claims a spot in the middle of Caldera Mar on a light colored rock. On either side of him, Maelstrom Dragon Invaders breath fire at the player.

All and all, taking Caldera Mar may save some time, but players are forewarned that Studburst Pass is a safer route.


  • "Caldera" means the top of a volcano which has fallen into itself.
  • "Mar" in Spanish means "Sea", so the full name of the area in English is "Volcano Sea".


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