Chainsaw Stromling
Chainsaw Stromling 5
Main Location Avant Gardens Survival
Theme Stromlings
Weapon/Tool Chainsaw arm

Chainsaw Stromlings are a form of enhanced Stromling that appear only in the Avant Gardens Survival minigame.

These Stromlings appear around the 6:00 mark of the minigame. Chainsaw Stromlings are stronger and faster than the standard Stromling, having 4 Life and a stronger attack, thus increasing the challenge of surviving the instance. Chainsaw Stromlings are distinguished from normal Stromlings by their saw arm, name, health bar, and glowing white backpack and hair. Around the 12:00 mark, Chainsaw Stromlings are replaced by Hammer Stromlings.


  • Chainsaw Swipe: The Chainsaw Stromling makes a quick short-ranged swipe with its saw, dealing 3 damage.

Beta Information

Throughout beta and several months of release, Chainsaw Stromlings were simply identified as Stromlings, although they possessed health bars. Although their distinguishing white glow would fade shortly after joining the battle, they did not wear backpacks, further differentiating them from the standard Stromlings.


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