Chantey Shanty
Chantey Shanty Launchpad
Major Characters in Location Property Guard
Main Location of Sunny Rayburn
Enemies Stromling Pirates, Stromling Admirals

Chantey Shanty (known in Beta as Waterfall) is Gnarled Forest's small property. In order to claim it, players must fight through Stromling Pirate and Stromling Admirals to quick-build a platform that takes them up to the Imagination Orb. It has a waterfall in the background.

Rent Payment

Like all other properties, Chantey Shanty once cost 500 coins per month. Later in the game, however, players could pay 500 coins anytime, which would extend their time on the property by 30 days.

Beta Information

Chantey Shantey's pre-alpha equivalent was a property called Tiki Island.


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