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Pre-alpha chat
Function in Game Allows Players to Communicate
Available To Full-Time Players, Mythrans

Chat is the method players and Mythrans use to talk to other players. It is triggered by opening the red box on the bottom-left corner on the screen.

Types of Chat

  • Local Chat or Global Chat: A globally chat that can be seen by every player in the same area. These chat messages appears above the minifigure.
  • Team Chat: A chat for your team! This chat can be seen by all the players that are on your team.
  • Private Chat: A chat with another minifigure. Only you and your buddy can see this chat.
  • Super Chat (for local chat, used by Mythrans): A chat for Mythrans to communicate privately with another player. There is no word correction on this chat.
  • Guild Chat (Unreleased)


  • Best friends have super chat too, but not with Mythran powers or in Local Chat.
  • Chat has many restrictions to many words, even non-vulgar ones.
  • When Mythrans appear, members sometimes use Local Chat to request an item.
  • NPCs will usually say a quote when a player approaches them. Their quote is in an orange text bubble just like the Local Chat's.
  • In beta, when chatting with a Mythran, unapproved words were turned into "###", for the respective amount of characters in the word. Mythrans also were forced to use this system when using any chat, however chat suggestions did not appear to them. This put them at a downside, as they could not see beforehand which of their words would appear as "###", and which would not.


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