Coins are the main form of currency in LEGO Universe. They are obtained by physically collecting them, by selling items to Vendors, or trading. Physical coins can be obtained by smashing enemies (excluding enemies on properties) and Smashables or from using Wishing Wells.


Physical coins have six different colors; the color of the coin determined its value.

Color Value
Copper 1 Bronze Coin
Silver 10 Silver Coin
Blue 100 Blue Coin (1000)
Dark Blue 1,000 Blue Coin (1000)
Purple 2,500 Purple Coin
Red 10,000 Red Coin

Early Coins

In Pre-Alpha, coins were handled much differently. There were four amounts - 1, 5, 10, and 25 - and three metal types - Bronze, Silver, and Gold, coming to a total of 12 coin combination possibilities. A Pre-Alpha screenshot shows that the three metal types were kept separate from each other, effectively making three types of currency. For instance, picking up a Bronze 1 coin and Bronze 5 coin would add 6 to the player's amount of Bronze coins, but their Silver and Gold coin amounts were not effected unless a coin of the respective metal was obtained.


  • There are three unused coin colors in the game that function like normal coins but are never used; Black, Green, and Gold. Their values are as below.
Color Value
Black 100,000 Black Coin
Green 250,000 Green Coin
Gold 222,222,222 Gold Coin
  • There are other models for coins in the game files that go unused.
  • When a player is smashed, they lose approximately one percent of their coins, with a maximum limit of 10,000 coin loss.
  • A glitch occurred where the coins that drop when they are smashed are less than what they lost. This has been fixed prior to the Ninjago update.


In-Game Coins

Pre-Alpha Coins

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