Corrupted Sentry
Stromling mech
Main Location Return to the Venture Explorer
Theme Stromlings
Weapon/Tool Laser Rifle

Corrupted Sentries are corrupted Security Mechs that once comprised the security system in the Venture Explorer.

When the ship was abandoned, the Maelstrom surged aboard and corrupted much of the security system, including the Sentry Mechs. Though physically identical to their cousins in Avant Gardens, Corrupted Sentries are more durable and powerful, with 9 Life. When smashed, a Corrupted Sentry can be rebuilt into a turret which will fire at nearby enemies. At any time, there are a maximum of six Corrupted Sentries aboard the Return to the Venture Explorer battle instance.

After locating ten Datacards about the ship and defeating twenty-five Hammer Stromlings, Epsilon Starcracker sends players to defeat six Corrupted Sentries. However, every day the Maelstrom will get into the ship's security system again and turn even more Sentry Mechs into Corrupted Sentries. As a result, Epsilon Starcracker will give Daily Missions with the same goal of smashing six Corrupted Sentries.

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  • When the Return to the Venture Explorer was first released, Corrupted Sentries were depicted using the same artwork as Stromling Mechs. With the Crux Prime update, this artwork was updated to give the Corrupted Sentries a unique pose. However, following the Battle of Nimbus Station update, the Corrupted Sentries' artwork has been erroneously recolored in the likeness of PRDX-4. Sometime before the game's closure, the original Stromling Mech artwork was reused.

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