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Crafting Locations: Monastery Courtyard
Chefs: Johnny Umami

Crafting refers to taking two or more items and combining them together to gain a better item. However, a new feature, cooking, was added in the Ninjago Monastery following the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (v1.10) update.


Cooking is the process of crafting food. It involves a cooking vendor crafting certain consumables into higher-level consumables. This feature is predetermined; players cannot combine random consumables together to create new ones, as they must follow certain recipes.

Johnny Umami's Missions

Mission Recipes

Johnny Umami's Cooking Recipes

Picture Recipe Level Effect Ingredients Notes
Dirt Sandwich Dirt Sandwich 10 "Boosts your maximum Armour and Life for 300 seconds."
  • Rock Fruit 2 Rock Fruit
  • Biscuit 4 Hardtack Biscuit
  • Coin 1,500 coins
Electric Hoagie Electric Hoagie 10 "Gives a speed boost for 300 seconds."
  • Shock Fruit 1 Shock Fruit
  • Buttery 2 Buttery Croissant
  • Healing drumstick 2 Healing Drumstick
  • Coin 2,625 coins
Yucki-Yaki Yucki-Yaki 15 "Restores 5 Life and 10 Armour."
  • Tnik 3 Stinky Fish
  • Hiccup 1 Hiccup Tablets
  • Peppy's Black Mug 1 Cup of Yo
  • Coin1,500 coins
Chilly Freezesteak Chilly Freezesteak 15 "Boosts your maximum Imagination and Life for 300 seconds."
  • Bbg hot dog 1 BBQ Blast Hot Dog
  • Tough buff 1 Tough Buff Sauce
  • Frost Fruit 4 Frost Fruit
  • Coin1,000 coins
Bento Blocks Bento Blocks 15 "Restores up to 10 Life, 30 Imagination and 20 Armour."
  • Sushi 3 Sushi
  • Bamboo Bite 5 Bamboo Bite
  • Tasty Fish 2 Tasty Fish
  • Coin1,500 coins
Flame-Roasted Popsicle Flame-Roasted Popsicle 15 "Boosts your maximum Armour and Imagination for 300 seconds."
  • Flame Fruit 2 Flame Fruit
  • Frost Fruit 5 Frost Fruit
  • Cherry Blast 2 Cherry Blast
  • Coin2,500 coins
Rockolate Bar Rockolate Bar 15 "Restores 6 Life."
  • Rock Fruit 2 Rock Fruit
  • Onyx Gem 1 Onyx Gem
  • Hot chocolate 1 Hot Chocolate
  • Coin1,500 coins


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Reforging is the process of crafting new weapons. It involves a forging vendor moving bonuses from one weapon onto another weapon. This feature was not released.

Based on concept art, there are two slots the player needs to drag items into. They would then see a preview of the final product, and, after hitting a "buy" button, an animation would play.

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