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The Creation Lab was a part of the LEGO Universe website that allowed users to post creations for various challenges. These creations were used as inspiration for LEGO Universe's creators during its early stages. Once LEGO Universe was released, the Creation Lab had various competitions, such as the Nexus Force Championship. The final few challenges were separated into two age groups: 12 and under, and 13 and older. This was to create fairness in the way the creations were judged. Users of the Creation Lab signed in with their LEGO ID and could post creations, comment on creations, and participate in contests. Users could upload image files (.gif, .jpg), video files (.mov, .avi, .mpg, .wmv ) and LEGO Digital Designer files (.LXF).



Image Name Description
PicE0F69ECA-9762-4ACC-91CB-1C58F2485F9A Build a tree house In your mind’s eye, make a tree house for your LEGO Universe minifigure. What does your little LEGO person’s high up home look like?
Pic3FE04153-71BE-4ABD-80DD-C16594ECCDB4 Create a creature Spooky sounds and glowing eyes—creeping things crawl through the forests of LEGO Universe! Create your own creepy creature!
Pic8C055B96-CFA0-44D7-A8F5-B82A37429373 Make a minigame The Brickkeeper needs help filling LEGO Universe with minigame inspiration! Make a graphic of your game idea!
Pic78CB8016-E972-4941-8004-523985C5937A Design a perfect universe Explore your boundless imagination then show everyone what your dream LEGO Universe looks like!
PicC579A6CA-DE99-4167-8076-DC7BF8962F29 Make your minifig Who do you dream of being in LEGO Universe? A Ninja? A Knight? Dance champion of the world? Show everyone what your minifig will look like!
Pic2A649CE6A8BA6215370B3DDFBA07BD7F Build Brickkeeper's pet Professor Brickkeeper wishes for company while working in the Creation Lab. Build the Brickkeeper a pet fit to be his best friend!
PicCF39A7E8D9AF18981867B8770BA4E9BC Create a LEGO Club house Create a special spot in LEGO Universe for LEGO Club members to meet and have fun together!
PicD6D14F43FC246D3C38B2C6503919D1F9 Fashion a flying vehicle What kind of contraption will you pilot through the LEGO Universe skies? Will it glide? Flap? Float? Are you going to build it for blistering speed?
Pic26CE4FFF865CB79ACDC97E458F6DE68F Layout a living logo tale Build a storyboard where the LEGO Universe logo comes alive!
Pic5E42B9E943592A187E611A5794D4E1AF Create from concept art Try your hand at bringing this scene to life!
Pic02D2C3F43F1D5C963E3EDD41EB8C91CC Ninjas: Make a hideout Can you create a cool secret ninja hideout in LEGO Universe?
PicBEF6AEF1C3DB7E98DF3ECB9B4FF13613 Pirates: Create a watercraft What kind of pirate watercraft would you build to make a splash in LEGO Universe?
PicC78EAC7B737D486D8CAC139A7E7EB47D Start a story Where would your minifigure enter LEGO Universe and how would it get there?
Pic864CB1DE63F40547D191FC9E892FAD35 Launch a land vehicle! Make a LEGO machine that motors around on the ground!
PicA7FF473A851D8921C5665277CEE1B6B5 Build a bit of My LEGO Network! Overcome this creative challenge by uploading what you love most about My LEGO Network!
PicC1C780D1270019B027A8D89246E4042C Build a city! Imagine tall buildings, big bridges and busy streets. Create a city!
Pic87CA472E0955ED21FAD452961A07471D Create a plant! Imagine tons of terrains with plants popping up everywhere! What will you grow?
Pic5AA7387DC511504467209390E3B571CC Build a LEGO Club lookout tower! Imagine an exclusive LEGO Club house set within a bustling city. Now build a lookout tower to sit next to it!
PicBF75FF78A5142574770F8D8A15808C89 Create a news report! Imagine you’re a news reporter snooping for scoops in LEGO Universe.
Pic3B2966A11FC7810242B542DC14C9EA63 Make a monument! Design a statue or sculpture that celebrates the power of imagination!
Pic8F73A47A57C40935DC3A1BCEAE893BDF Build a SNOT bot! Create a robot friend to help you around LEGO Universe!
PicAA2ADD700AC29D5858ADE14B02541BEC Make a vacation spot! Create a fun LEGO Universe vacation destination!
Pic8291F4A85D60A4E38EA14DEEE9BB5A24 Make a game from a graphic! Can you make a mini-game based on the picture?
PicDB3877E4C7314CE25206A2FC73BECD5E Make a monster! Can you build an original LEGO beast?
Pic4B7E9E13D3FEA39532CA42656F6BF2A6 Build your minifigure's home! Where in LEGO Universe will your minifigure live?
Pic1AE632AD9B185A910E54BDF48F9949D7 Create a chaos battler! Build a model for battling dark creatures and chaos!
Pic9B9B24CC1C425AC28B4CEAA5511E9414 Make a LEGO Universe Moderator! What do you think the ingame mods should look like?
PicF0D20A5851323007B92A4870F42900E1 Make a Maelstrom infected monster! Can you create a dark menace of a creature?
Pic6B3B7441-65EA-40A8-89A9-36ABABE92C47 Put together a party! Build a fun time for your LEGO Universe friends!
Pic16195A899AD8E7E56714EE1B1ABCC6E9 Build Nexus Tower! Can you create a Nexus Force headquarters?
Pic8A23E4CFCC1D04BA2C267FF3E1437162 Build a LEGO racecar! Can you create a custom LEGO® Universe racer?
PicB846C131202C25F88969EBE6FF1333D2 Build a pet! Make a pet for your LEGO Universe character!
[[File: Make some summer fun! Can you build fun in the summer sun?
[[File: Make a symbol for your Minifigure! What will be YOUR mark in LEGO® Universe?
[[File: Create some team fun! What ideas do you have for playing with your friends?
[[File: January Build a Rocket Contest Your rocket could be added to the LEGO Universe world!
[[File: Funniest LEGO® Universe Screenshot Contest Tickle our funny bones for fantastic prizes!
[[File: February Build Contest – Training Facility Build the Ultimate Training Facility to win a prize package of over $500!
[[File: Your Best Ninja Moment Screenshot Contest Are you Ninja enough to win cool LEGO® Ninjago prizes?
[[File: Best Action Screenshot Contest Capture the best action moment for over $200 of LEGO sets and the new Bat Lord Suit!
[[File: Best Action Screenshot Capture the best action moment for over $200 of LEGO sets and the new Bat Lord Suit!
[[File: Best Team Moment Screenshot Contest Share your best team moment with us this weekend to win! Team up, take a snapshot, and get LEGO Hero Factory goodies!
[[File: April Build Contest – [[|Race Car|Race Cars]]! Build a fast, funny, big, yellow, Maelstrom-infected, or ___ race car in April and win LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT goodies!
[[File: Race Car Screenshot Contest Capture the fiercest screenshot of your favorite LEGO Universe racer, and win LEGO Ninjago Sets for over $175 and an exquisitely rare Mosaic Jester Cap!
[[File: Best Faction Screenshot Contest! Show off your Faction skills, or simply just look cool in your Faction gear! Anything goes for the Faction Screenshot contest happening this weekend – as long as it has to do with Factions!
[[File: Draw or Build your Faction Leader! It doesn’t matter how you make it – use real LEGO bricks, draw us a picture, build on your LEGO Universe property - just send us a photograph or screenshot of your Faction
[[File: Build the Darkitect's Secret Lair! Answer Hael’s call by constructing the Darkitect’s secret Maelstrom lair and you’ll be entered in this month’s contest!
Pic91D727532703C3CA1726BE4B626C14E9 Best Screenshot of Bravery Contest! Submit a screenshot of epic bravery and fulfill Duke Exeter’s challenge!
Pic0BA7E86368E5089F2DF4E367FBC13E6A Create a Maelstrom Monster! Vanda Darkflame needs you to send in designs of a unique Maelstrom monster – for science!
[[File: Create a Pirate Ship! Captain Jack Knife is in the market for a new pirate ship. Create one for him by drawing or building the Rosebrick II!
[[File: Best Adventurous Screenshot Contest! Send us a photo or screenshot of sheer adventurousness in LEGO Universe and you could win a smorgasbord of prizes!
[[File: Recolor a Pet! (12 and under/13 and older) This weekend's challenge is to recolor a Pet! Use all of your creative artistic talents to win a slew of LEGO prizes!
[[File: Create a Pet! (12 and under/13 and older) We have a special contest this month – one lucky builder will have his or her unique pet added to LEGO Universe!
[[File: Recolor a Model! (12 and under/13 and older) Recolor a model and you could win cool in-game prizes and intricate LEGO Technic sets!
[[File: Championship Build Contest #1! (12 and under/13 and older) The Nexus Force Championship Build Event #1: Build a Spooky Property!
[[File: LEGO Universe Gallery (formerly called "Build what you like!") This is the place for you to share and archive your LEGO Universe creations.

After LEGO Universe

After the closure of LEGO Universe, the Creation Lab remained open for over a year. On October 10, 2013, a moderator on the LEGO Message Boards named WhiteAlligator created a topic informing readers that the Creation Lab would retire on October 25, 2013, saying

From that day forward it will no longer be possible to submit any content to the CL. It may remain open in a read-only state for a short time after October 25, but will shortly there after be permanently closed.[1]


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