The Declaration of Secrecy was a legal document created by the LEGO group that a user was required to accept before completing the LEGO Universe alpha and Beta registrations. It was meant to be signed by a person aged 18 or over, such as a parent or guardian of a child. However, as the Closed Beta phase came to a close, the agreement was automatically terminated without much official notice.


The purpose of the Declaration of Secrecy was to restrain Alpha and Beta testers from posting videos and/or photos of LEGO Universe gameplay online. This could possibly be to keep other competitors from copying ideas. It is also possible that the Declaration was meant to keep the excitement and anticipation of the game at a high level.

Ending of the DOS

The Declaration of Secrecy ended the day Founder's Release was opened. Here is the closing letter:

"Hi there, Thank you for contacting us and for helping us test LEGO Universe!

Now that the beta is over you are permitted to talk about your beta testing experience!

Get out there and promote the game! See you in LEGO Universe soon!

LEGO Universe Support Team"

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