DeeDee Light
Theme LEGO Universe
World Nimbus Station
Quote "Pazow! Kapow! That's what those lasers would sound like. If they made sound."

DeeDee Light is a Minifigure who can be found dancing at Red Blocks Amphitheater.

DeeDee hangs out in the pit in front of the stage, where she constantly plays air guitar. If players interact with DeeDee, she tells them how much she loves Red Blocks and speculates what sounds the laser effects would have.

DeeDee Light is one of the "fans" that Johnny Thunder sends players to talk to. When players offer her the chance to meet the famous Venture League Hero in person, DeeDee Light reacts with disgust, showing that she is not actually the fan that Johnny Thunder thinks she is. She reveals that this is the fourth time in the past week that Johnny Thunder has attempted to do this and declares that someone has to tell the famous adventurer to stop trying to appeal to the concert ladies.


Beta Information

When Nimbus Station first opened in alpha testing, DeeDee Light used the same character model as Kant Dance.

Prior to the Nexus Jawbox update, DeeDee Light wore Purple Pants. Since many other NPC clothes were turned white with this update, this is likely a glitch, but it was never corrected before LEGO Universe was announced to close.


  • DeeDee Light's name is a pun based off of the word "delight".
  • Although DeeDee Light's in-game model uses Hermione Granger hair, her Passport artwork erroneously depicts her with princess hair.


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