Dominic Knack
Dominic Knack in-game
Theme Vendor
World Nimbus Station

Dominic Knack is a Gear Vendor in Nimbus Station.

Dominic Knack's shop can be found at Red Blocks Amphitheater. There, he sells Notion Potions, Imaginite Crystals, and a variety of clothes. Most notably, Dominic Knack's inventory includes Party Pants, which can be bought and given to Milo Snackpigeon.

Related Missions

Items for Sale at this Location

Item Price (Coins) Required Level Stats Ability Picture
Notion Potion Coin 60 Restores 6 Imagination Notion Potion
Strong Notion Portion Coin 100 5 Restores 10 Imagination Strong notion
Green Imaginite Coin 25 All minigames cost one Green Imaginite Crystal to play Green Imaginite Crystal
Red Imaginite Coin 100 Use of Wishing Wells cost one red Imaginite Crystal Red Imaginite Crystal
Double Striped Skunk Shirt Coin 1,425 Armor +1 Imagination-orb +0 Double Striped Skunk Shirt
Striped Skunk Shirt Coin 925 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +1 Striped Skunk Shirt
Black Baseball Cap Coin 425 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +0 Black baseball hat
Orange Baseball Cap Coin 425 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +0 Orange baseball hat
Party Pants Coin 425 Armor +0 Imagination-orb +0 Required for Pants Party! mission Party Pants
Skater Helmet Coin 1,425 Armor +1 Imagination-orb +0 Skater Helmet
Nemesis Helm Coin 1,425 Armor +1 Imagination-orb +0 Nemesis Helmet
Warlord Helm Coin 1,425 Armor +1 Imagination-orb +0 Warlord Helm

Beta Information

Until mid-beta testing, Dominic Knack was unnamed and simply identified as Accessory Vendor. Like all other Gear Vendors, he retained the title of Accessory Vendor until late beta testing. Throughout beta testing, Dominic Knack wore an orange Concert Superstar Shirt, even though the shirt was only available in light blue to players.


  • Dominic Knack wears a Prismatic Baseball Cap which constantly changes color during gameplay.
  • Dominic Knack's name is a play on the word "knickknack", which refers to a small worthless object.


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