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Don't Be Koi
Mission Haelstorm
Return to Hael Storm in the Venture League Observatory.
“Tell Hael we destroyed most of the wreckage. It was tainted with Maelstrom. I gave the rest to Doc Overbuild.”
“All right, we gotta plunder that wreckage from Overbuild. Got somethin’ important inside!”
Location Info
Start Location: Sentinel Command Center
End Location: Venture League Observatory
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List: None
Starts With: Duke Exeter
Ends With: Hael Storm
Total Coins: 250
Total U-Score: 30
Stats Won: None
Items Won: None
Choice Items Won: None
"Don't Be Koi" is a play on "Don't be coy", meaning to be shy or illusive.
Mission Progression
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