Dragon Forge
World Early Forbidden Valley
Main Location of Bricksmith
Enemies Darklings

The Dragon Forge was a location in an early version of Forbidden Valley.

The Dragon Forge was the workplace of the Bricksmith, who would have forged a hammer for players. The hammer would have been built from four Hammer Bricks contained inside black smashable rocks, including one rock located within the Dragon Forge itself. The Dragon Forge was also under attack by Darklings, so the Ninja Sentry sends players to help the Bricksmith and the Bricksmith sends players to smash Grumpy Darklings.

The Dragon Forge was cut from LEGO Universe prior to Forbidden Valley's debut in beta testing. However, the forge itself appears to be reused in the Great Tree as the forge of Gathermaster Klex, who plays a similar role in the released game to that of the original Bricksmith.


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