Dragonmaw Chasm Raceway
World Forbidden Valley
Main Location of Zip Lash, Yam Waterwolf
Enemies None

"I guess this means that you are a Ninja After all. And no, you cannot drive my car."- Zip Lash

Dragonmaw Chasm is the Forbidden Valley racetrack. It can be viewed from the player's map and mini-map at the top right corner of the screen, and is connected via a bouncer from the Mantis Rock.

The ad for it first appeared on the back of the January-Febuary LEGO Club magazine. Dragonmaw Chasm's offical release was still not decided until February 23rd, when the loading screen featured a news article and picture showing Dragonmaw Chasm. It came out on May 3, 2011. From May 7th to May 8th, a racing contest was held here.



The Dragonmaw Chasm raceway begins on a rickety wooden raceway along the winding peaks of Forbidden Valley, then plummets down to the canyon floor. It travels through a dragon egg nursery guarded by a fierce mother dragon, who does no damage to passing cars, although it breathes fire at the racers and flies in a menacing fashion.

Make your way through falling rock pillars to get under the Paradox Refinery. There will be jets of Maelstrom Gas down here. Survive it and you come to the Great Tree with many narrow twists and turns. Beat that, and the finish line is just up ahead.


  • Maelstrom-infected Dragon ghosts
  • Maelstrom Jets
  • Cliffs
  • Falling Rock Pillars

Imagination Boosts

  • Imagination Orbs
  • Imagination Ghosts with engines


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