Earth Gauntlet
Main Location of Unknown
Enemies Skulkin, Bone Wolfs

The Earth Gauntlet is an unfinished Ninjago dungeon in LEGO Universe. Like the Fire Temple Ninjago Lightning Dungeon, and Ninjago Ice Dungeon, the Earth Gauntlet was an element themed instance where players fought through various rooms of the dungeon before finally reaching a boss at the end. Some game files indicate Cringe Lo may have been located somewhere in the Earth Gauntlet at one point in development, but it is unknown what role he might have played.

Earth Gauntlet is technically two different maps in the client; one being a barebones testmap and the other being a prototype content zone. This content zone never made it past the prototype phase due to the confusing layout of the map and tight areas that just didn't fit with the camera angle.


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