Echs Ray
Mission 736
Theme Paradox
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "Good, now I can resume my experiments. The Maelstrom is strange and baffling - and yet, oddly alluring."
Weapon/Tool Knife, Binoculars

Echs Ray is a Paradox Scientist who oversees operations at the Paradox Refinery in the Forbidden Valley.

When Wisp Lee's studies of the Maelstrom show only chaos, he sends players to ask Echs Ray to analyze the data, hoping that Echs will provide a greater insight. Echs Rays studies the Maelstrom data from Wisp Lee and comes to the horrifying conclusion that Baron Typhonus is still alive and controlling the Maelstrom as the Darkitect. He sends players to give the results to Master Fong Shader, believing that he has done all that he can and the rest is up to the Paradox leaders.

Maelstrom forces smash the pipes that bring power to the Paradox Refinery, interrupting Echs Ray's research. He sends players to repair all three pipes so that their pressures may equalize and restore power to the facility. Once the three pipes are repaired, Echs Ray resumes his experiments.

Neido sends players to Echs Ray to study Nuckal's Maelstrom Crystal. Echs Ray tells players to build one of the consoles for the Chaos Cleaner Machine to analyze the crystal. Echs Ray reviews the data from the machine and comes to the conclusion that Skulkins are forging weapons and powering vehicles with the Maelstrom energy. Echs Ray sends players to quickly return to Neido to warn him about the Skulkins' intentions.

After studying a Maelstrom Dagger taken from the Skulkins, Vanda Darkflame sends players to Echs Ray so that the lead scientist may purify it. Echs Ray tells players to once more build a console for the Chaos Cleaner Machine and then interact with it. The Chaos Cleaner Machine purifies the dagger, cleansing it of dark Maelstrom energy and making it safe for Minifigures to use. Expressing his desire to visit Ninjago some day, Echs Ray gives players the blueprints for a Portable Chaos Cleaner so that Jay may assemble one for Nya.


Beta Information

In beta testing, Master Fong Shader sent players directly to Echs Ray, and Wisp Lee was not included in the mission chain. For most of beta testing, The System is Down was offered as a repeatable mission in a precursor to Daily Missions, but in the released game, the mission can only be completed once per Minifigure.

Prior to the Ninjago Monastery update, Echs Ray sent players to warn Sensei Wu about the Skulkins' mining activities.


  • Echs Ray's name is a play on the term "x-ray".


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