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Eekums the Monkey
Theme Vendor
World Avant Gardens
Quote "Oooh eeeeh aahhh!"
Weapon/Tool None

Eeekums is a Monkey Picnicker NPC found in the Avant Gardens Launch Area.

Eeekums hangs out on one of the picnic tables near PRDX-4. Eeekums is also a Model Vendor, and the monkey's inventory consists of models from the Treehouse model set; however, Eeekums will not sell or buy anything until the Maelstrom fog is cleared. Interacting with Eeekums counts towards the Making Friends achievement.

Missions and Achievements

Models for Sale at this Location

Model Price Note Picture
Treehouse No Bridge Corner Model Coin 12,840
Treehouse No Bridge Corner Model
Treehouse Two Bridges Corner Model Coin 21,180
Treehouse Two Bridges Corner Model
Treehouse Elevator Platform Model Coin 1,020
Treehouse Elevator Platform Model
Treehouse Elevator Tree Model Coin 11,980
Treehouse Elevator Tree Model
Treehouse No Bridges Four Way Model Coin 13,080
Treehouse No Bridges Four Way Model
Treehouse Ground Rock Pool Model Coin 2,980
Treehouse Ground Rock Pool Model
Treehouse Rocks Model 1 Coin 1,300
Treehouse Rocks Model 1
Treehouse Rocks Model 2 Coin 860
Treehouse Rocks Model 2
Treehouse Rocks Model 3 Coin 540
Treehouse Rocks Model 3
Treehouse Hut Model Coin 10,900
Treehouse Hut Model
Treehouse Observation Platform Model Coin 11,800
Treehouse Observation Platform Model
Treehouse Straight Bridge Model Coin 12,300
Treehouse Straight Bridge Model
Treehouse Large Tree Model Coin 20,620
Treehouse Large Tree Model
Treehouse Medium Tree Model Coin 10,320
Treehouse Medium Tree Model
Treehouse Small Tree Model Coin 6,380
Treehouse Small Tree Model

Beta Information

In alpha testing and early beta testing, Eeekums was named Eeeekers. Eeekums did not receive the title of Monkey Picnicker until the Crux Prime update. Until the Power of the Nexus Force update, Eeekums made unintelligible monkey chatter.


  • Swabbie the Monkey, the only other monkey NPC in LEGO Universe, says the word "Eeekums" in his dialogue, causing speculation that he was referring to Eeekums.
  • On December 19th, 2011, a LEGO Universe GM named Shival hosted a party for players in Nexus Tower, spawning various NPCs and creatures, including two unnamed monkeys.


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