Elite Dark Spiderling
Dark spiderling
Main Location Return to the Venture Explorer
Theme Stromlings
Weapon/Tool Legs, lasers

Elite Dark Spiderlings are a more powerful variation of Dark Spiderlings.

Although physically identical to most Dark Spiderlings, Elite Dark Spiderlings are stronger than their brethren, while not as powerful as Dark Spiderling Invaders. Their attacks are considerably faster and deal more damage to players. Elite Dark Spiderlings have 25 Life, making them harder to defeat than most Dark Spiderlings.

Elite Dark Spiderlings infested the Venture Explorer as it was taken over by the Maelstrom, searching the ship for the ten Datacards. Epsilon Starcracker sends players who return to the Venture Explorer after joining a Nexus Force faction to smash three Elite Dark Spiderlings. Afterwards, players can return to Epsilon Starcracker for Daily Missions to smash three more Elite Dark Spiderlings.

Elite Dark Spiderlings participated in the Battle of Nimbus Station, invading Nimbus Plaza under the command of Whack Bliddo and the Four Riders of the Maelstrom. Players can go back in time using Wenn Wuzzit's Time Twister to participate in the battle and fight against the Elite Dark Spiderlings.

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  • Laser Blast: The Spiderling fires a bolt of energy towards a target, doing 3 damage. The bolt travels quickly in a straight line, making it possible to avoid if far enough away.
  • Dark Web: The Spiderling releases a small web of energy in a short cone in front of it. This attack causes 7 damage and is used on opponents who are just out of melee range.
  • Leg Jab: The Spiderling lunges forward and attacks the target with one of its legs, doing 4 damage. This attack is done very rapidly, and thus can add up very quickly.

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