Ellgren Stackwell
Theme Assembly
World Nimbus Station
Quote "Get your Assembly Gear here!"
Weapon/Tool None

Ellgren Stackwell was the Assembly Rep in Nimbus Station.

When players first arrived in Nimbus Station, Nexus Jay sent them to speak to the four faction representatives, including Ellgren Stackwell,, in order to receive faction badges and join Nexus Force. Ellgren Stackwell sent players to begin their building by searching for the Assembly Wizard Mardolf the Orange, who gave players the Assembly Badge.

If players chose to join Assembly, Nexus Jay sent them to speak with Ellgren Stackwell again. Ellgren gave players a Rank 1 Assembly specialty kit of their choice and tell them to equip all four items in order to access the multi-item bonus.

Later, Assembly members received Daily Missions from Ellgren Stackwell. He sent them to smash Stromling Mechs in Avant Gardens, Stromling Pirates in Gnarled Forest, and Dark Ronin in Forbidden Valley. He rewarded every completed daily mission with Assembly tokens.

When the Nexus Jawbox was installed, Ellgren Stackwell began assigning new Daily Missions. These missions included smashing Stromlings in the Battle of Nimbus Station, smashing objects on the Monument, fighting enemies in Avant Gardens, scoring points in the Cannon Cove Shooting Gallery, smashing and building in Pet Cove, smashing smashables on the Vertigo Loop Racetrack, and competing in races.

Ellgren Stackwell was removed in the Power of the Nexus Force update. His role has since been succeeded by Meldric Steamvalve.


Beta Information

In alpha testing and early beta testing, Ellgren Stackwell wore a yellow construction hat and no Assembly Grunt armor. He also wore dark-gray gloves and had a dark-gray hip piece, and the textures on his arms and legs were not as detailed. In mid-beta, Ellgren received his Assembly Grunt armor, though all other differences remained until late beta.


  • Ellgren Stackwell's name might be a possible tribute to Dan Elggren, a Studio Project Manager who worked on LEGO Universe.


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