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Enrique Tharshebloze
Enrique tharshebloze
Theme Pirates
World Gnarled Forest
Weapon/Tool None

Enrique Tharshebloze is a Pirate Lookout NPC in the Pirate Camp in the Gnarled Forest. He sits in front of a campfire and hangs out with Diablo Phil. He has no missions or dialogue, and he currently remains merely a background character.

Beta Information

In the alpha and early beta testing, Enrique Tharshebloze was an unnamed pirate who wore a red bandana, a sleeveless blue-white striped shirt, and light-gray pants. Rather than sitting down, this unnamed pirate stood near his campfire. In the mid-beta testing, Enrique replaced this unnamed pirate, although at first he wore a First Mate's Jacket and wore no hat, exposing his thick blond hair. He was later given a beta Admiral's Hat which was worn at a different angle than its released version and was colored dark-blue with a blue plume.


  • Enrique Tharshebloze's last name is a play on "There she blows", a phrase spoken by pirates when a storm batters the side of a ship.


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